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    We live in a time of increasing threats. Forces hostile to God and to man encourage all possible evils. Hiding behind the idea of annihilation of the current moral, spiritual, social, cultural and religious world order, it is absolutely certain that not standing up against the evil, ignoring it will lead to terrible consequences, inter alia, to the extermination of huge masses of humanity.

    The enemy of God and the world is despicable and ruthless, makes it even greater frenzy hatred. It has power, no money, and no media. Under its control remains the overwhelming part of States and Nations. For example, the vast majority of the Governments of the European countries, the countries of North and South America only seemingly have the power. So really I humbly perform commands these enemies of God and man.

    Whereas, in the light of the foregoing, radio “God’s time”

    • informs you about the dangers emerging at local, national, international and global
    • to help clarify the nature of the audience and the likely consequences of these risks, initiates the exchange of ideas
    • supports the efforts aimed at preserving and cultivating Christian civilization
    • recalls the fundamental truth: that God is the Lord of the universe and that the final consequence, everything depends on it.



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